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Contact Solair with the full model number of your existing unit, and we provide you with a direct replacement package.

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Why Buy Solair?

Solair is North America's leading brand of Replacement Packaged Vertical Units or Wallmounts, as they are often called by the trade. By specializing in designs for the Replacement Market we are able to offer direct replacement systems for 97% of all installed VPU's (Vertical Packaged Units) regardless of the original brand.

For you, that means one contact and one solution for all of your replacement needs: Solair.

Simple Solutions for You

Wallmounts are very popular and are nearing 50 years since their first production. A number of manufacturers have been in the business and out of the business over that time span. Solair has developed an extensive cross reference system for nearly all of that production.

"Replacement Packages" typically consist of a unit, grilles, thermostat and in some cases our engineered adapter curb. Typically the new package replaces the old system without the need for reconstruction, ductwork or electrical changes. Simply contact Solair with a full model number and we can provide you with a direct replacement package.

Phone 888.218.4514, or email us at to discuss a Simple Solution for you.

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